“FairHope has been such a blessing to me and my friends and family. It’s a great way to show others the love and compassion I feel for them.”

Eloise R., Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Sometimes in sending a card, you just don’t know exactly what to say.  These cards put a hug or a tear where you would or could.”

Gina G.

“I get calls from people saying what a blessing I am – but it’s not me.  It’s God working through me sending His love through these cards.”

Jennifer P.

“People receiving the cards are uplifted and love the beautiful sayings on the back.  Each card is uniquely its own.  It’s like sending a piece of your ‘home’ to that person.”

June B.

“I have been so blessed by your beautiful cards and so have the people I’ve sent them to.  One of the songs on the back of my card ministered personally to me as it sat on my desk at school during a very difficult time.  I have now ‘loaned’ it to a friend who needs it more than I.  There are a lot of hurting people that your cards minister to, that’s why there’s a need for more of the same.”

Diana J.

“Thank you for making my life simpler by sending these cards to my home.  I no longer have to spend hours at the store to get a card that expresses God’s love, but gives the Word to encourage, edify, and heal.  Thank you for caring for me and my busy schedule.  I can now put that time to the greater use for the Kingdom.”


“I love sending cards – it’s a ministry for me.  However, I have been so busy in work and church activities that I am not able to ‘shop’ for cards as in the past.  Having your cards on hand is an answer to prayers!”

Carol S.

“I’ve found them to be so handy.  They convey my feelings very well to Christian friends – and send a powerful message to unsaved friends and family.”

Sheri B.

“I have just taken the responsibility of outreach leader in our church.  I am so convicted by God that we don’t take the time to reach out to others and let them know how much we and God care for and love them.  Our world is moving so fast, it’s a blessing to open the mailbox and find some little word from our Lord, instead of a bill or junk mail!

Pam D.

“When I first became a Christian and was praying for a husband (20 years ago), my first Bible study leader sent me notes of encouragement every week, and that kept me going.  I now do the same in my ministry.”

Mary G.

“We just got back from a trip to Buffalo, New York.  We went because my sister’s life had just fallen apart at the seams.  We took her Jesus!  When we got back, the cards were here.  One had all the same words of encouragement we had left her.  So we sent it right away.”

Lea R.

“These cards will help people to know God and give thanks to God all the time.  They enlighten people and remind them to keep looking up.”

Rosa L.