Cupcakes: It’s a girlfriends’ thing!

Nothing says “Happy Birthday!” like a dozen ooey-gooey cupcakes.


So your Best Friend Forever is celebrating her birthday. You want to treat her to that new cupcake place down the street and spend an hour or two feasting on caramel apple or red velvet cupcakes.

There’s only one problem: Your BFF lives on the other side of the state. Or the country.

What to do, what to do? Here’s our suggestion: An “I-miss-you cupcake care package.” It’s fun and easy to assemble. First, buy a box of cake mix (any flavor) and a container of ready-made frosting. Don’t make the cupcakes, however! Pop the unopened box and container into a large gift bag.

Then pick a theme that shares memories of your friendship (like the beach vacation you took before you were both married, or the flying pink pigs that you both adore) and add tiny memorabilia related to that theme; just remember that whatever you choose has to fit on top of a cupcake. Google “cupcake decorating” to give you ideas.

Those are the basics; you can get as lavish as you like with your cupcake care package: a cupcake tin, a box of paper cupcake holders, colorful birthday napkins, or even birthday candles (trick wicks optional).

Tuck everything into the big gift bag along with a birthday card such as “Just for you” (the one with the cupcakes on the cover). Pop it all into a shipping box and send it on its way to your girlfriend.

She gets the calories; you get all the accolades.