Ideas for Small Groups

Do you belong to a small group that has been meeting for a while? You’ve probably walked through many difficult situations with each other. Now, it’s time for some encouragement! Read more


When You Send a Sympathy Card

When you send a sympathy card, it’s easy to wonder what to write. Are you saying too much? Not enough? Read more


Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Has a new neighbor moved in down the street? Here’s a great way to say, “Welcome to the neighborhood!” Fill a gift bag or basket with essential items that someone who’s just moved might need: Read more


Just Another Week?

No matter how large we may imagine God’s love to be, the cross shows us that His love is larger still. Read more


Could God Have a Ministry For Me?

“I don’t have any talents or skills. Besides, with car pool, church, and work, where can I find time for a ministry?” Read more