Hosting a Card Shower

A Great Way To Honor Someone!


Know someone who will soon celebrate a milestone birthday, or a couple ready to celebrate a milestone anniversary?

Most people don’t need more “things” to clutter their homes and lives – but they could use some encouragement that their lives have made a difference. A card shower will do it!

About a month ahead of time, alert friends and family members that you’re having a “card shower” to honor your loved one by “showering” them with cards.  You can do this by sending a FairHope Notes card or by e-mail.  Be sure to include the exact date of the birthday or anniversary, and the mailing address where the cards should be sent.
Encourage people to do  more than just sign their names; ask them to write a memory and a few lines about how the special person or couple has blessed their lives.

When the special day comes, their mailbox will be filled with cards from around the country.